The Formula

In which Citizen Jim arrives and all the blanks are filled in and all the boxes are checked and all of that makes a story nobody will read except CP (and maybe CA) but that 's okay. It's like a Mad Libs exercise about two friends who are always at fictional odds for purposes not based in solid reality. If that makes no sense, I'm too old to care, now.

Hurricane Winston

In which Citizen Jim arrives in need of a macabre (read: funeral-based) favor, while Chicken Sheets is just trying to hold everything together until her electricity comes back on. (Post-story bonus: Forrest Gump's review of Citizen Jim's unfinished novel The Downwindies!)


In which Citizen Jim arrives to take a break from boycotting Taco Bell Quarterly just as Chicken Sheets receives a possible retraction of her rejection by said online magazine.

TBQ Has Cut Me Loose!

In which Citizen Jim laughs at the latest literary misfortune of Chicken Sheets—until he realizes he should be mad as hell about it! (Bonus: A classic Citizen Jim story in which Citizen Jim arrives to warn Chicken Sheets about an infamous killer on the loose.)